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Dacia Jogger HYBRID

From ££22,995

or £ per month

Dacia Jogger HYBRID 140


Dacia is entering a new era of electrified adventure. Our multi-award-winning Jogger is now available with clever hybrid technology. So you can take your family on wild adventures without taking your wallet for a ride.


Enjoy all the benefits of hybrid technology with Jogger HYBRID 140. A whole range of electrified experiences in the great outdoors with your family awaits.

Our hybrid technology, which combines two electric motors and a combustion engine, does not need to be plugged in.


With Jogger HYBRID 140, everything is simple: the battery recharges by itself when you decelerate and brake. The smart automatic gearbox combined with the energy management system optimises the vehicle’s performance and consumption.

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360 View is not yet available for this vehicle