TC Autos Vehicle Health Check

Every car and van which our trained Renault and Dacia Technicians work on in our fully equipped workshops receives a complimentary Vehicle Health Check.  We do this to make sure you have total peace of mind on the condition of your vehicle and can plan vehicle maintenance ahead of when it becomes necessary. 

We often work on cars and vans where a identifying small repair early on might have saved a more costly expense – or even breakdown.  Many of the components in a vehicle work in a system, such as brakes, where the failure of one part could lead to the failure or poor performance in another later on.

Car Health Check

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Van Health Check Under 3 tonne

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Van Health Check Over 3 tonne

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What we check on a Vehicle Health Check:

  • Suspension, drive shaft and steering
  • Brake discs and brake pad condition
  • Tyre tread and condition
  • Exhaust and mountings
  • Cambelt condition
  • Wiper blades

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What the Vehicle Health Check will show

The outcome of the VHC will be grade each item checked as red amber or green:

Red items are an immediate safety concern such as brakes, tyres, wipers, lights and other items which would usually class as an MOT failure or safety concern

Amber items will need attention before the next Service or MOT, but are not an immediate safety concern

Green items are working as they should and will not need attention before the next Service or MOT

Vehicle Health Check Video

When we carry out your Vehicle Health Check we will also send you are free video.  You’ll be able to see exactly what our Technician can see while under the bonnet and also along the length under the body, and we often use these videos to check we have found a fault you may have reported, such as a warning light or a noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if there is a red item needing immediate attention?

Firstly don’t worry, our Service Advisor will be in touch and you may be able to approve the cost and work from within the video – if you want to speak to our Service Advisor you can call the dealership on 028 8224 3451 and they will talk you though the Vehicle Health Check and what it means.

What do I do if there is an amber item – can I get the work done now to save another trip

Yes, you may be able to approve the work from the video, or one of our Service Advisors will be in touch to discuss it with you.

Why do you do a Vehicle Health Check with an MOT

An MOT is a certification of whether the vehicle meets the requirements on the day the MOT is done, the Vehicle Health Check takes a view of future work which will be necessary between now and the next Service or MOT.  Even if your vehicle recently passed an MOT, wear and tear, potholes and adverse weather could cause a part to wear or fail at any time.  Being informed helps you plan vehicle maintenance and avoid costly repairs and even break downs.

I’ve just bought a car – can you check it for me?

Buying a car can be a stressful experience, especially if you buy the car privately.  If you are buying or have bought a Renault or Dacia why not bring it to us and we will check its condition and complete a video Vehicle Health Check for no charge. We can also check for outstanding recalls and updates on the vehicle, and ensure we remind you of service and MOTs again for no cost.

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