The Motor Obudsman Scheme

The Motor Ombudsman is a government-backed, self-regulatory body for the motor industry. Its voluntary membership of thousands of garages is committed to maintaining high standards throughout the new car sales process, administration of new car warranties and car service and repair.

TC Autos are proud to have signed up to the Motor Ombudsman Code of Practice. The Code of Practice for Service and Repair is an assurance of quality. The logo represents our commitment to an open, fair and responsible way of doing business.


What the code means to our customers

  • honest and fair services
  • open and transparent pricing
  • work completed as agreed
  • invoices that match quoted prices
  • competent and conscientious staff
  • a straightforward, swift complaints procedure                                                             

Contact Details:

0345 241 3008 option 1

The MICoP was developed by the motor industry in response to a National Consumer Council paper, which alleged that the service and repair sector caused 'consumer detriment' valued at a staggering £4 billion a year. As a company that consistently wins service awards for it's commitment to customers, TC welcomes the introduction of the new standard as it helps you - the customer to work with businesses who are open, fair and honest. Those responsible businesses quickly recognised that committing to a set of standards that would restore the public’s faith in the industry was very much in their interests. The Code has the backing of motor industry bodies, vehicle manufacturers, dealers, networks and franchises. It also has the support of the National Consumer Council, Trading Standards and BERR (Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform). The Code has achieved Stage One of the Office of Fair Trading Consumer Codes Approval Scheme. At TC Autos, our customers ARE our business and we strive to keep our customers happy and fully informed of all aspects of their dealings with us whether it be sales, service or support. When you purchase a vehicle from TC's - that's the begining of your relationship with us - not the end.

TC Autos achieve highest customer satisfaction in the RENAULT UK network

TC's achieved the highest combined score for Customer Satisfaction in the Renault UK Network. The actual percentage of customers responding to Renault's independent survey, as being completely satisfied, was 94%. This score was almost 2% higher than the second place dealership. This was a fantastic achievement given that there are nearly 300 dealers in the UK network. It is perhaps more astonishing that, in an industry that is often dogged by negative stigma, 9 out of 10 TC Autos customers, in both sales and aftersales, are reporting to be completely satisfied

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