2021 COVID Update

Added: 28 December 2020 | Author: Austin Maguire

The New Year 2021 brings with it, new regulations in the ongoing battle against Covid19.

These regulations effectively split our business into two parts;

Sales and Service / Maintenance.

The Sales side of the business will lockdown as of 5pm Wednesday 23rd December 2020 as it is not deemed an essential service. Please note, whilst we will be unable to accommodate our customers on the forecourt, in the showroom or through click & collect, we will endeavour to assist virtually, as and when necessary. We are able to accommodate all customers currently awaiting delivery with off site assistance (non contact, full regulation sanitisation applied) We are also able to provide personalised video walkarounds of any vehicle in stock, as per previous lockdown and we are able to deliver, subject to current non contact regulations. As the regulations change, we will adapt and update through the usual channels. Please bear with us at this difficult time as the majority of our staff are on Furlough. As

Service and Vehicle Maintenance is rightly considered essential, we are open as normal (from Tuesday 29th December 2020) for service, repair and maintenance of your vehicle. If you are booked in through January, your appointment still stands. If not, please call on 028 8224 3451 to make an appointment.

Please rest assured we will adhere to our usual high level of care and sanatisation procedures throughout your visit. We kindly request you do the same in respect of space, sanatisation and masked protection at all times. We apologise for the inconvenience of these new regulations but we must adhere for the greater good of our people and our society.

In the meantime, we at TC Autos would like to wish you all a relatively normal New Year 2021. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for standing by us during what has undoubtedly been one of the most difficult years in recent times, both personally and professionally.

Finally, we turn our thoughts to those who have lost this year from this dreaded virus amongst other things - and we thank all in the caring services who work tirelessly to keep us safe and protected at some risk to their own health.

We salute you.


For customers with a breakdown situation please call your breakdown cover provider - the AA or the RAC. All new cars come with such cover for a period. Most vehicle insurance policies include it, and many insurers pay for a hire car should the need arise. For new car Renault AA breakdown cover please ring 0800 085 8005, for Dacia customers ring 0333 202 3002 and for new car Kia RAC breakdown cover please call 0800 015 8762.

If you own a Motability vehicle and it’s lease is due to expire, Motability is extending existing leases for 6 months, so don’t worry. Check out the Motability website for more details.

If you are worried about vehicle finance monthly payments, all our finance partners, including contract hire providers ALD, are willing to work with you on an individual basis while the crisis is ongoing. If you do not have the number of your finance company please see below.

Call them at the earliest opportunity to discuss. Have your agreement number and registration to hand.


RENAULT ACCIDENT /BREAKDOWN                                          0800 085 8005

KIA RAC ACCIDENT /BREAKDOWN                                            0800 015 8762

DACIA  ACCIDENT /BREAKDOWN                                               0333 202 3002

RCI CUSTOMER SERVICES (Renault Finance)                           0333 009 0233

KIA FINANCE CUSTOMER SERVICES                                        0800 085 1925

BLACKHORSE FINANCE CUSTOMER SERVICES                     0344 824 8888

MOTABILITY CUSTOMER SERVICES                                          0300 456 4566

ALD CONTRACT HIRE EMAIL QUERY     -                                   credit.control@aldautomotive.com  

Please call these numbers within normal working hours. Usually up to 6pm Monday to Friday and 1pm on a Saturday

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