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Why TCTyres

Your tyres are the only thing that separates you and your vehicle from the road and so it’s crucial that you choose the right tyres for your vehicle.
Wheels come in all shapes and sizes, and thankfully, so do tyres. Most people choose tyres on price alone and that can be a massive mistake considering tyres have a significant impact on how your vehicle steers, accelerates, brakes and feels whilst driving.
All tyres on sale in the UK are safe – you can be assured of that. Where they differ on price, is in longevity and performance.

Premium tyres are the top of the range. Manufactures invest millions in premium product and you can expect in excess of 18,000 miles from a full set. As well as long life, they also have less rolling resistance, making them quieter, improving fuel economy and grip. The stopping distances on premium tyres are shorter than in cheaper ranges.

Mid-range tyres offer a balance between the performance of premium tyres and the value of budget tyres. If you use the car for everyday driving or commuting, mid-range tyres can provide excellent value for money. Mid-range can provide great value for money and depending on the type of driving that you do, they can also prove to have a long life span.

Budget tyres don't always undergo the same rigorous production processes as premium tyres, and in simple terms, they don't last as long.  A set of budget tyres will last around 7,000 to 8,000 miles. If you’re a low-mileage driver or money is tight, then a set of budget tyres will be perfectly acceptable.

Cars, vans, 4x4s and camper vans all require specific tyres, so make sure you have the right model for your vehicle. At TC Autos, we deal with some of the biggest distributors and so we can advise and offer solutions right across the range and find something that suits your driving needs – and your budget.